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Blake Newsom Jul 14, 2023, 12:07 AM Entertainment

FaZe Rain's Vision: Kick as the Future of FaZe Clan

In the dynamic world of esports and entertainment, few figures are as well-known as Nordan 'FaZe Rain' Shat. As a founding member of the prominent esports and entertainment organization, FaZe Clan, Rain has been instrumental in shaping the group's trajectory. However, recent developments have seen Rain expressing dissatisfaction with the Clan's operations, sparking a wave of discussions within the community. This blog post aims to delve deeper into these issues, providing a comprehensive look at the current state of FaZe Clan, Rain's vision for its future, and the potential impact of his proposals.

FaZe Clan's Current State

FaZe Clan, home to a slew of high-profile creators and esports athletes, has recently been embroiled in controversy. The organization, known for its influence in the gaming and entertainment industry, has made decisions that have not sat well with some of its members, most notably FaZe Rain.

Rain, one of the founding members, has been particularly vocal about his disapproval of the group's decisions. His criticisms came to a head with the signing of Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien in late May. This move was seen by Rain as a departure from the organization's roots in the gaming community, leading him to question the Clan's direction.

But Rain's criticisms didn't stop there. He also took issue with the organization's financial stability. In a bold move, he exposed the company's financials in a viral video, claiming that the organization is losing significant money on its esports ventures. This claim, if true, could have serious implications for the Clan's future and has added fuel to the fire of controversy surrounding the organization.

Rain's Vision for FaZe Clan

Amidst the turmoil, Rain has proposed a solution that could potentially reshape FaZe Clan's future. He has expressed a desire for the streaming platform, Kick, to acquire the company. Kick, a major competitor to Twitch, offers more lenient terms of service regarding streamable content and boasts an enviable 95/5 sub split in favor of its creators.

Rain believes that Kick's acquisition could bring about a positive change in the Clan's operations. He sees Kick as a platform that aligns more closely with the ethos of the gaming community, standing in contrast to the corporate direction he perceives FaZe Clan to be taking.

Moreover, Rain has been actively trying to initiate talks with Kick about a possible purchase. He sees the potential acquisition as a way to bring FaZe Clan back to its roots and ensure its financial stability. However, the feasibility of such an acquisition and its potential impact on the Clan's future remain to be seen.

Rain's Efforts and FaZe Clan's Response

Rain's vision for FaZe Clan is not just a passing thought. He has been actively trying to initiate talks with Kick about a possible purchase. His efforts highlight his commitment to the organization and his desire to see it succeed, even as he criticizes its current direction.

However, the road to change is often fraught with obstacles. Despite his efforts, Rain has faced challenges in bringing his vision to fruition. One of the main hurdles has been the response - or lack thereof - from FaZe Clan. The organization has been relatively quiet in the face of Rain's criticisms and proposals, leaving many questions unanswered.

This silence extends to the controversy surrounding Grace Van Dien. The Stranger Things star, whose signing sparked much of Rain's criticism, has not publicly addressed her feud with Rain or her status with the group since uploading a podcast episode over a month ago. This lack of response adds another layer of complexity to the situation, leaving fans and members of the community in suspense.

As the esports and entertainment industry continues to evolve, so too does the landscape of FaZe Clan. With Rain's vision of Kick acquiring the organization, the future of FaZe Clan could potentially see a significant shift. This shift could bring the organization closer to its roots in the gaming community, or it could lead to further controversy and division.

Whether this change will come to fruition remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain - Rain's criticisms and proposals have sparked a conversation that extends beyond FaZe Clan. It's a conversation about the direction of the esports industry, the influence of corporate interests, and the role of community in shaping the future of gaming.

As we watch this situation unfold, we are reminded that the world of esports is more than just games and entertainment. It's a world of passion, community, and sometimes, controversy. And as FaZe Rain has shown us, it's a world where one voice can make a big difference.

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